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Evaluating your health inside your eyes


The pupil dilation eye tests in La Palma is crucial for those who might be most at risk for eye disease.


Your eye doctor, Dr. Bold will use a variety of instruments to examine your eyes. To enable the optometrist to be able to see the internal structures of your eyes he will introduce drops which cause your pupils to dilate.


It usually takes 20-30 minutes before the drops begin to take effect. Once dilated more light than normal will be passing into your eyes which will cause you to be more sensitive than usual to light.


The effects of the drops can last for several hours after the procedure. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you to your eye exam to alleviate the extra light sensitivity when you leave your optometry consultation.


If you are in need of a dilation eye tests in La Palma, call to schedule an appointment today, (949) 644-0165.






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