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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Newport Beach



Dr. Bold strives to maintain his reputation as the best Optometrist in Newport Beach, an accolade derived from the past 2 decades of lengthy, patient specific consultations where the patient's well-being and eye care comes ahead of dollars.


From the moment you step into the relaxing surroundings of Bold Optometry you will notice something different. The environment is soothing and relaxed, minus the cold, clinical feel of a normal visit to a health professional.


The eye exam itself is conducted with the professionalism and high-tech equipment you would expect from a Newport Beach Optometrist.






Here are a few eye and vision tests that Dr. Michael S. Bold believes you are likely to encounter during a routine comprehensive eye exam:




Visual Acuity Tests


Among the first tests performed in a comprehensive eye exam are visual acuity tests that measure the sharpness of your vision. Dr. Michael S. Bold explains that these usually are performed using a projected eye chart to measure your distance visual acuity and a small, hand-held acuity chart to measure your near vision.



Color Blindness Test


A screening test that checks your color vision often is performed early in a comprehensive eye exam to rule out color blindness. Dr. Michael S. Bold goes on to note that in addition to detecting hereditary color vision deficiencies, color blind tests also can alert your eye doctor to possible eye health problems that may affect your color vision.


Cover Test


While there are many ways for your eye doctor to check how your eyes work together, Dr. Michael S. Bold believes that the cover test is the simplest and most common. During a cover test, your eye doctor will have you focus on a small object across the room and then he or she will cover each of your eyes alternately while you stare at the target. While doing this, Dr. Michael S. Bold will assess whether the uncovered eye must move to pick up the fixation target, which could indicate strabismus or a more subtle binocular vision problem that could cause eye strain or amblyopia ("lazy eye"). The test is then repeated up close. And there are many more tests which Dr Bold will perform as necessary or you request.