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Glaucoma Screening in Newport Beach

Chances are you have heard the term, but do you understand what it is and why regular exams are strongly advised by Optometrists in Newport Beach?


What is Glaucoma?

An eye disease, Glaucoma damages the Ocular nerve which is responsible for sending messages to the brain to be deciphered. Sometimes there is a noticeable amount of pressure felt inside the eye  referred to by Optometrists as intraocular pressure (IOP).


The most dangerous aspect of Glaucoma is that most often it is not detected until the patient begins to experience some loss of vision. Without treatment Glaucoma can cause further loss of vision leading to blindness.


Should I be concerned, am I in an "at risk" category?


While Glaucoma can occur at any time, Optometry professionals agree that anyone over the age of 40 should have regular Glaucoma screening to ensure early detection before vision damage can present itself.


What tests are used to detect Glaucoma?


The dilation test and other tests such as those used to measure the IOP are used to check for the presence of Glaucoma. The tests are painless.


What is the treatment for Glaucoma?


The normal course of action in the first instance is the prescription of eye drops to try and descrease the pressure building up in the eye. Applied multiple times per day they can be effective.


If treatment with eye drops is not effective the only option is surgery to drain the fluid built up within the eye.



We have regular patients who were searching for a quality eye doctor in Corona Del Mar or an Optometrist in Costa Mesa. Our Newport Beach Optometry office is pleased to service patients from anywhere in Orange County.


Please contact us as soon as is convenient to arrange your Glaucoma exam even if you live as far as Huntington Beach. We are not far off the freeway so our office is easily accessible.