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Your Guide to Selecting EyeGlasses and Eyewear



Are you looking for Custom Eyewear to suit your own personal style?


The Vision Council of America has estimated that eyglasses or some eye correction is necessary for 75% of Americans. So, more people than not, face the need to correct their vision and then there are the millions of people who actually wear “vanity” frames without any corrective lenses.


Yet with these large numbers of people requiring or desiring corrective vision options, it is rarely discussed. That's what we do for you.


We discuss and experiment with the many options available and most relevant to you.


We help you decide if your glasses should be a fashion statement or as invisible as possible. We will also help How to match different eye wear to your face shape.


We also, help you select frame sizes, colors and materials. And, of course, we give you options for the types of correction that will help you achieve your goal of good eyesight.





Newport Beach eye glasses and customized eyewear

Should your Glasses Be Noticeable or are they a Fashion Statement?


Are you looking for customized eyewear to suit your own personal style?


If your goal is to minimize the effect of your glasses by selecting the most unobtrusive frames possible, you’re going to need to think about what kinds of shapes blend in with your face and features and what kinds stand out. It's equally important to asses your face shape if you uses glasses as an active piece of your fashion ensemble.


We help you decide this by having you experiement with different frames in our office and helping yopu match it with your face type.



Lens Types and Correction


Our office offers all the best corrective lens, but more importantly, the ones that you want, but only after you've been told and understand what corrections will help with your situations. We even offer guidance and pre-screening for laser correction because that's a very delicate task that must be handeled with a vast amount of testing to ensure optimal results.


Now there’s even more to think about . . .


So give us a call and we'll get you seeing better and looking great.